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Read SECURITYinsight if you are the security officer in a company, a government agency or any other organization.

Read SicherheitsPraxis if you are a specialist installer, planner or consultant or if you are a system house or distributor engaged in the planning and sale of security technology.

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Profiles of the Magazines

SECURITYinsight – Magazine for Security Decision-Makers

Competence through Expertise
The job of security decision-makers in industry, businesses and public agencies is of utmost importance. They have to make the right decisions and take the correct actions to ensure the organization / company and its employees are not impaired. Therefore, besides experience and decision-making skills, security decision-makers are also expected to continuously develop their competencies and expertise.

Staying abreast
The security market is becoming more and more diverse and efficient. Along with the technical opportunities, the demands placed on security decision-makers are increasing, as is the number of solution providers and solution concepts. Keeping up with new products and services is becoming increasingly difficult, as is an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, which is required to make the individually right security decision.

The Magazine
SECURITYinsight is specialized on corporate security. The magazine shows solutions developed out of practical experience for practical implementation, explains the complexities and provides background information in the areas of research, training and management. The magazine focuses on the information needs of security decision-makers.

Target groups
SECURITYinsight is intended for security decision-makers in industry, businesses, associations, organizations and government agencies. The main focus lies on those branches and segments that are particularly sensitive to security issues due to their business fields, activities and organization and that therefore have a high investment propensity. Other organizations include large system houses, community leaders as well as decision-makers in security agencies and political institutions.

“SicherheitsPraxis” guides you through practical security solutions

Times and technologies are changing…
Planners and installers of security technology have to keep up with modern technology. However, without continuous training, they may not be able to keep pace with the speed with which devices, systems and technologies are developing. One element is the collection and processing of expertise – a complex job as the very specific information for this niche industry is widely spread and can only be found secondarily in media for the electrical engineering and electronics industries and specialist literature for craftsmen.

…as are customer requirements…
Customers of security planners and installers often feel confident that they can decide themselves what instruments can best satisfy their self-defined security needs, without the advice of skilled professionals. However, the skilled planner and installer is always one step ahead.

…and the regulations
Thousands of laws, standards and regulations pertaining to security technology and installation have to be observed by installers and planners. Additionally, the regulations the customers have to comply with must also be considered by the experts – and all of this without legal background.

“SicherheitsPraxis”guides through practical security solutions
The magazine “SicherheitsPraxis” assists specialist planners and installers of security technology as well as system house personnel by providing sound professional knowledge, presenting current devices, systems and technologies in a target-oriented manner, sharpening the view of holistic systems and their inter-connection to other trades and showing ways for practical implementation. “SicherheitsPraxis” looks at the special features of individual systems and technologies, identifies possible failures and disturbances, addresses planning and project management measures, etc. Other topics include regulatory requirements, relationships with customers, marketing and tax issues, legal aspects, standards and regulations, as well as the cooperation with involved institutions such as the police, fire departments and insurance companies. “SicherheitsPraxis” provides the know-how that can partly fill the gap that inevitably arises because the planers and installers often do not have enough time and too little resources or no resources at all for further training measures. That is why the magazine is an important reference tool for their daily work.