Specialized Magazines on Trial Basis

Order your free copy of SECURITY INSIGHT / SicherheitsPraxis here. If you like the magazine, you do not need to take any further action. The magazine will be sent to you automatically with the next issue at the respective subscription price for 6 issues (SECURITY INSIGHT) respectively 4 issues (SicherheitsPraxis) per year.

If you do not like the magazine, inform ProSecurity Publishing GmbH & Co. KG accordingly via mail or via email (info@prosecurity.de) within two weeks after your order.

Subscription Prices

SECURITY INSIGHT 90.00 Euro (Germany) / 108.00 Euro (Abroad)
SicherheitsPraxis 64.00 Euro (Germany) / 80.00 Euro (Abroad)

(Prices include the current value-added tax and shipping costs)

Subscription Order

Download the order form here. You can conveniently complete the form at work and return it to us via email (info@prosecurity.de or via fax (+49 6543-50-8564).

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