Effective perimeter protection relies on centralization

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It’s true that every building has a different security need. There are various factors that can change this, not least the surrounding area that building is in. Imagine, for example, a place surrounded by thick foliage, fences or outlying buildings. Imagine also that there are no street lights in the area. All of these things make perimeter security harder, and various devices and systems are needed. But these can provide a lot of data and images – something hard to manage without an effective centralized VMS.  

Now more affordable and accessible

According to Inkwood Research, the Perimeter Security market in Europe will have grown to $6376 million by 2026. Companies are realizing that securing their perimeter, so often previously added as an ‘afterthought’, is increasingly important.

With reducing security technology costs, a greater number of companies can now benefit from this extra layer of security. It gives more peace of mind, since intruders can be flagged even before they get to the front door. With modern convergence technologies now available, they can also link their cameras to their alarm systems. This means that they can have a simple way to monitor the situation holistically, even through their mobile phones using an app.

See past the perimeter

In a perimeter security situation the focus is on ensuring a person does not approach past a certain ‘line’ into an area. But this can be tricky, since it deals with an outside area, which is more likely to be out of the direct control of the security manager. In this scenario, there are lots of places where potential intruders can lurk, behind fences and in dense shrubbery, for example. There are technologies now available that would to be able to detect them. Another issue at the perimeter is that of distinguishing between a human trespasser and another object, which could set off a false alarm. Sometimes animals can be picked up, for example, or even branches and other non-human items. To counter this, Deep Learning technology can be used in combination with imaging. It enhances video analytics to distinguish humans, thus reducing false alarms and the associated operation costs.  

Efficient centralization  

All these devices and technologies need to be monitored and managed. This is where a powerful VMS like HikCentral comes in. It provides a smart way to manage different sources to give security guards the edge by bringing information together and reducing false alarms.

HikCentral Professional enables users to see maps and real-time events during live view and playback, provide report dashboards for resource status and alarms, carry out visual tracking, use alarm pop-up windows and multiple linkage actions to easily see combined alarms. All this mean security guards can quickly verify alarms in the same system, and don’t waste time chasing ‘ghosts’.

The software also provides a maintenance module, providing error reports for all its feature. This ensures the system, and the protection it provides, is running normally. It’s usually been the case that, as technology advances, it becomes more affordable and so accessible to more people. Security is no exception here, and Hikvision is at the cutting-edge of innovation, creating effective perimeter security, for example. With the help of HikCentral Professional, users can maximize the value of a vast amount of data and images to effectively ensure their perimeter is secure.



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